Kachita Spell KarePLEX Bond No2 Bond Enhancer Supplying the Hair Nutrition Enriched with Argan Oil Perfector 500 ml

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Great for taming unmanageable hair and preventing tangles. Quickly and easy service to perform in between chemical services or while undertaking a drastic color change.
Builds and repairs bonds in damaged hair to restore the integrity of your client’s hair. Reduces porosity of your client’s hair to make their color last longer and prevent fading. Increases elasticity of your client’s hair and restores client’s hair to its natural state.

After operated No.1 applies No.2 It gives hair moisture, nourishment and shiny full body. Enriched with Argan Oil which with a high level of essential fatty acids in OMEGA 9 and OMEGA 6, associated with power phytosterin, Keratin Protein, Vitamin E, and squalene gives hair long-lasting perfect care, suggested use it every ten days.

BOND ENHANCER This Step of your S.D.U Treatment will Immediately infuse your new and repaired bonds with advanced ingredients to supply a high concentration of nutrition to the hair, giving a healthy dose of Elasticity and moisture. Enriched with Argan Oil, and a High level of Omega 9 & 6, phytosterin, Keratin Protein, Vitamin E and Squalene lends a longer lasting overall health of Hair. AFTER CARE For maintaining lustre and Shine, suggest an application S.D.U. Careplex every 2 weeks. For Previously Damaged hair Repair S.D.U can be used without a Chemical Service to repair lost elasticity and stop hair Breakage.

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