Keratin Special Edition Chocolate 16oz + Clarifying Shampoo K-Ready 16oz

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1 x Keratin Special Edition Chocolate 16oz

Keratin Kachita Spell Special Edition Chocolate 16 oz for all hair types. Our Keratin with formaldehyde also has the best market efficiency. Kachita Spell formaldehyde is made with organic chocolate, which gives a softer flavor and removes smell of formaldehyde. Its application is like any keratin. Do not miss this opportunity! Think beauty is to achieve the best for us long term and if you care about your business barbers think that the quality of your products is what will make the first choice for customers. We took care quality and the best price. When you think of quality, think of us.

20 minutes wait time
Infused with Chocolate
Rich in Wheat Germ Oil
Results Immediately Visible
Healthy Hair
Best Market Price
Cruelty-free/No Animal Testing

1 x Clarifying Shampoo K-Ready 16oz

Clarifying Shampoo K-Ready an innovative formula to help you to achieve the most spectacular results when you have your keratin treatment. K-ready is a Sulfate, Sodium & Paraben Free. Shampoo which prepare your hair for keratin and coloring treatment. Our formula removes hard water deposits, chlorine, hair styling residues . Rejuvenates and refresh your hair. Prevent bacterial growth on your scalp and restore hair natural moisture and shine.

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