KachitaSpell KarePLEX Bond No 1 Connector-Connecting and Creating the New Disulfide Bond Multiplier 500 ml

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Kachita Spell No 1 Bond Connector-Connecting is a hair product that makes strands soft and shiny. This product works great for thin or damaged hair strands. Use the multiplier, too, if your hair has been affected by chemical treatments or environmental elements. After applying KachitaSpell No 1 Bond Connector-Connecting No 1, dry, brittle strands take on a glossy appearance while weak hair slowly builds up its strength. Only a small amount is needed to treat a full head of hair which makes this product long lasting. With the new generation of nano technology. It penetrates and put nutrients directly into the hair cores, solids, and enhances the elasticity and tenacity of hair, makes it enable to experiences more coloring, bleaching and straightening as well as to have hairstylists easily operating even with chemically treated/over processed hair.

Mix hair color/bleaching powder/rebonding/perming before adding/mixing Add 10% of No.1 Bond Connector into the mixture to process and apply as usual

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