Zero Hair Removal System Depilatory Cream 6.76 oz

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Kachita Spell Dead Sea Mud Cream. How many hours have you spent waxing, plucking, or sitting under the laser, trying to get rid of it all? Fortunately, Hair Zero form Kachita Spell offers a safe, simple answer.

HairZero hair removal system is a revolutionary mud mask that harnesses the cleansing power of 26 different Dead Sea minerals to safely and painlessly remove unwanted hair without irritating your skin or damaging blood vessels. It not only removes hair quickly (under four minutes!) without odors, it also inhibits future hair growth and prevents pigmentation of the skin.

What makes HairZero Hair Removal different from waxes is the way it heals and refreshes your skin, thanks to a unique Dead Sea algae called Dunaliella. The Dunaliella works as a kind of cellular filter for your skin, removing dead cells, and cleansing, moisturizing, and invigorating healthy ones. Carefully-balanced extract oils help calm and moisturize your skin, and encourage blood flow, which keeps skin cells fresh and healthy. And you can take it with you anywhere you go.

The result is a soft, smooth, touchable skin with no unwanted hair!

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